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Contemplate that we open doors, allowing cursed deeds of man's past to be resurrected into the present.


CURSED DEEDS OF MAN'S ANCIENT PAST RESURRECTED. As great empires have risen and fallen, it has taken millennia for men to define the forces of good and evil. Contemplate that we open doors, allowing cursed deeds of man's past to be resurrected into the present. It breathes again, plaguing Oliver Hall and his 1923 British Everest expedition. After the unexplained disappearance of one of their porters and the grizzly death of another, their Nepali guides voice superstitious beliefs making their situation impossible to ignore. 

The mounting evidence comes into view as Hall and his second in command, Jonathan Tolbert, retrace their footsteps and hypothesize a frightening scenario. After discovering an inscribed ancient stone tablet, they believe they have inadvertently conjured the dark past, resurrecting an ancient Nepali curse. This supernatural reality jeopardizes their mission to summit Mount Everest and threatens their lives. To accomplish their goal, they must focus their minds: survive, reach the mountain's summit, and overcome the creature that's hunting and killing their men.

A GENUINELY UNIQUE TALE. With its combination of characters, eras, settings, and storyline, there has never been a sweeping story as told in filmmaking. When you read the Peak XV script, you'll likely realize it has enormous potential to be a big thing. In other words, we are confident that it will be a moneymaker. Peak XV is perfect for the screen as a historical fiction and action-thriller film. In addition, it has the vital ingredients to create a loyal following to drive its success as a premier limited series event.  

A DUAL-TIMELINE, HISTORICAL FICTION, AND ACTION THRILLER. Peak XV retells the early life and times of Siddhārtha Gautama as he created the beginnings of the Buddhist faith. Most Buddhist faithful knows of Siddhārtha's sacrifices and spiritual journey, but little is known about what occurred in his father's kingdom after Siddhārtha left.

Peak XV's story expands into fictional events after Siddhārtha abandoned his birthright as heir to his father's throne and how his family's actions transcend thousands of years to affect Oliver Hall and his 1923 British Everest expedition team. Peak XV's dual timeline of Eastern and Western cultures offers broad appeal and interest to viewing audiences. Audiences don't have to practice Buddhism to relate to Peak XV's story. However, 535 million people worldwide practice Buddhism, and most are fascinated with Nepal and Mount Everest.

Additionally, Peak XV incorporates the golden age of exploration and mysticism and interjects the paranormal. The Yeti (Abominable Snowman) also plays an integral role in Peak XV's storyline. For centuries the widespread supernatural phenomenon of this el
usive cryptid has remained relevant in popular culture.

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Meet the characters of Stephen Shields  PEAK XV. 


Siddhārtha Gautama, The Buddha, was born into a royal family over 2500 years ago.

ACCESSING SACRED INFORMATION REQUIRES SPECIAL PERMISSION. Are you a producer, director, agent, or studio exec searching for a great movie or limited series concept? Then, Peak XV – The Sun and Moon are waiting for you. Would you like to read the Peak XV script, limited series bible, and one-pager? Please get in touch with us to be given your security clearance. Then, we will send you a non-disclosure agreement, the script, and Series Bible.



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